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Live Audio Basics Package

Learn how to run a sound system!

Discover how to fix that feedback!

Know which mic to use!

Unlock the 'secrets' of basic
sound board and EQ settings!

Your church, school, or organization is in need of someone to run the sound system but neither you, nor someone you know that got "appointed" is a professional sound engineer by trade. You wish you knew more about running sound but either didn’t have access to a source for learning the information or were too timid or afraid to ask because it is the perception that you already know ‘the basics’ and more. Or you might be a veteran sound person in charge of training ‘newbie’ audio assistants and don’t really have time to start teaching ‘from the ground up’ due to your busy schedule, or maybe you are just looking for a teaching tool that can’t help keep your audio class on target. If any of these words ring true, then THIS is the help you’ve been looking for!

Our DVD tutorial package is designed to teach you how to be an effective sound person with easy to follow teaching, interactive examples and film vignettes to drive all the points home. And with this product you’ll have fun doing it!

In the past 10 years, what used to be a complicated sound system found at only very large churches or clubs or theaters is now available (and expected) on smaller scales. The audience has come to expect a certain quality even in these smaller venues. The gear is economically available but how to run all of it is often not. Usually, someone from where the equipment was purchased will do an on-location tutorial on the gear and then you are on your own. Seminars are available but that often means traveling a distance with added hotel room and seminar fees to boot. Quite often the sound people that have gone to such seminars or were given the original tutorial are no longer even involved in the sound system. That’s where Live Audio Basics comes into play…

What is taught within DOWN 2 EARTH’S ‘LIVE AUDIO BASICS’ is timeless. This 3 disk instructional DVD and CDROM tutorial set is a great start in your steps on how to learn the basics of a sound system and what makes it all work! Audio gear may change, but how to run the gear doesn’t.

running a church sound system

What’s COVERED in this DVD/CDROM Tutorial:

What EVERY button and knob on YOUR console does (and doesn't do) -
No more feeling like a 'deer in the headlights'.

Where to use certain microphones and why

Why are the personalities of musicians and technicians
so different?

When and when not to use EQ? And if so, which frequencies?

How to make YOUR system sound better, just by following a few simple set up approaches.

Now there are no simple fixes to the complicated world of audio problems, but equipping you or your sound person with the basic knowledge needed to understand and start fixing those problems is a great beginning and truly the ONLY fix that will make a difference in the long haul.

Who Would Benefit From The ‘Live Audio Basics’ Audio Training Course?

  • Church Volunteers and Staff

  • Music Directors and Musicians

  • School Volunteers and Staff

  • Any Club or Organization that use a PA (public address) Sound System

  • Anyone Considering Attending a Recording or Music School

Down 2 Earth Audio Resources was established to assist those who are looking for practical information and ‘real world’ tutorial help in live and studio audio applications.

Our company’s mission is to provide high quality, easy to follow and entertaining tutorial DVD’s and CD-ROM games to emphasize the simple, interactive and fun approach to learning.

We are here to equip those who have a basic understanding of audio, but do not have access or have limited access to education through a mentor.

We believe that the best way to learn is through humorous and interactive eye catching techniques, not through written word or ‘watch me teach you’ techniques.

audio engineering training sound board dvd tutorial


Here's What You Get:

sound board tutorial training

DISK 1 – DVD Main Disk

Chapter 1 – System Signal Path
Chapter 2 – Console Signal Path
Chapter 3 – Getting Basic Levels
Chapter 4 – Monitors
Chapter 5 – Equalization (E.Q.)
Chapter 6 – Microphones
Chapter 7 – Musicians and Technicians
Chapter 8 – Practical Applications

DISK 2 – PDF Resource Disk

Stage Plot template
Input list template
Song list template
Basic "Which EQ to use?" graph
"Which microphone to use?" chart
Console input strip print-out
Console output section print out ...AND MUCH MORE!

Audio Engineer Challange


What better way to learn than by playing a fun game!!

Test your skills and shoot for the top!!

Included as a BONUS in the ‘Live Audio Basics’ package is the CDROM game “Audio Engineer Challenge!”. This fun game includes technical questions as well as musical ones to sharpen the ‘contestants’ skill and knowledge as it relates back to ‘running sound’. A FIRST in the sound tutorial genre!

Ron Davis

About the Author:

Engineer/producer Ron Davis has been actively involved in the music industry for over 25 years with hundreds of studio recordings to his credit. He has also recorded over 150 live broadcasts and live recordings including annually engineering the live radio mix and archival recordings of the Monterey Jazz Festival since 1990.

Many of his stereo live recordings have made their way to National Public Radio’s syndicated radio show ‘Jazz Set’ with Dee Dee Bridgewater. His engineering highlights include the Grammy winning CD ‘Latin Soul’ by Poncho Sanchez and Certified Gold Record “Shout to the Lord”, by Darlene Zschech /Hillsongs Australia.

His 5 year tenure as senior engineer for the Integrity Music label includes such recordings as “Shalom Jerusalem” by Paul Wilbur and Dove award winning CD “God With Us” by Tom Fettke and Don Moen.

Ron has been teaching a 2 day seminar of the ‘Live Audio Basics’ course to individuals and groups from which this tutorial DVD was pioneered.


This ‘Basics in Live Audio’ course teaches practical, useful tips and techniques from the ground up with the ‘ordinary guy/gal’ in mind. It covers the technical basics; signal path, microphones, equalization, etc.

But as important it covers things that are not just technical explanations, but ‘real world’ topics like the personality differences between musicians and technicians, or the best and most effective way to communicate to the musicians on stage from behind the console.

Resources CD
Resources CD

Full of vital information to help you reach that 'next level'. Stay organized and inspired with these useful print outs which include input lists, stage plots, signal path diagrams and a whole lot more.

If you order now, the entire Resources CD is available as an immediate download, just order and it will be available for download on your order receipt page! Get a jump start on your journey to better sound.

Also included as a bonus gift in this ‘Basics in Live Audio’ package is the CDROM game “Audio Engineer Challenge” which allows you, the ‘contestant’, to answer a series of questions that when answered correctly eventually reaches the golden million point question that gives you the title ‘Audio Engineer’.

This fun and entertaining game includes technical questions as well as musical ones, to sharpen your skill and knowledge as it relates back to your audio world. Come sit in the virtual engineer’s chair and test your knowledge to see if you have what it takes to become an audio engineer.

Audio Engineer Challenge